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Our history


Wir hoffen, unseren Kunden bald wieder nicht nur Online begegnen zu können.


Corona. Auch unsere Arbeitswelt organisiert sich um. Wir sehen uns seltener vor Ort dafür mehr am Monitor. Homeoffice per VPN und eine gestiegene Anzahl virtueller Meetings machen unseren Alltag noch digitaler. Die allgemeine Unsicherheit trifft uns und auch einige unserer Kunden. 


Wir setzen eine umfangreiche Service-Anleitung für Bearbeitungsmaschinen in eine multimediale Video-Dokumentation um.

Wir lernen wie komplex und anspruchsvoll gute Saunatechnik ist und wie eine solarbetriebene Ladegarage für akkubetriebene Rasenmäher funktioniert - und vor allem zu bedienen ist. Neue, interessante Technik zu entdecken und beschreiben zu dürfen, das macht den Reiz des Berufes aus.


We are a founding member of SIX (Smart Information eXperts) and are advancing the topic of mobile documentation in project teams and at tekom conferences.

At the Technical University Central Hessen (THM) we support the training of young editors.


commatec – Engineering Firm for Technical Documentation - Schlicksupp Coletta Klossek GbR becomes simply commatec GmbH & Co. KG.

For the first time in 20 years our logo is slightly modernized.


With sodastream we successfully enter the documentation market for consumer products. This gives us the perspective of showing the mass market how animation can be used to illustrate product use.

The new homepage goes online. Further utilizing our creativity, we expand the area of product photography.


We have our first mobile documentation online for the tekom annual conference in November. It is completely produced directly from FrameMaker and provided through the TechCommApp from SQUIDDS.

We present a short manual which is completely void of text. The presentation on Textless Instructions at the tekom conference is very well received.


Big projects, topic-oriented writing and minimalistic text are the buzzwords and challenges of the year.

The team grows to over 20 employees. A trend is forming: motivated and talented recruits from the Technical University Central Hessen (THM) join our team and find their first employment after studying.


New developments are taking place. commatec produces interactive demos with Adobe Captivate, which can be played with Acrobat Reader. Projects in the field of Augmented Reality are in the pipeline.


commatec celebrates its 15th anniversary. We write documentation in German and English for simple machines and extensive systems, for complex industrial products and for high-quality consumer goods.

For the first time, commatec is represented with its own booth at the annual tekom conference in Wiesbaden.

The team finds reinforcement in student trainees from the THM, Technical University Central Hessen.


We write our smallest and shortest guide ever, comprised of just 5 DIN A4 pages. The most extensive system documentation, in which we have participated, comprises 50 folders. And with a short guide we again win the “Dokupreis” awarded by tekom.


commatec has its own cameraman and equipment to make and edit utility films. New and existing clients are enthusiastic about them. We are one of the winners of the “tekom-Dokupreis”.


The expertise and knowledge of the team is expanding. Risk analyses are made; a utility film on maintenance work is produced. New concepts for documentation are developed.


Headquarters move to Giessen, to larger premises. The supplier audit is passed with 100% compliance.


commatec celebrates its 10th anniversary and grows to a total of 13 employees.


The core team grows to 8 editors. The employees have a scientific, linguistic or technical oriented education. The foundations of our own quality management system are established after very successfully passing the supplier audit.


One World Publishing and Translation survey characterizes the year. Improved processes and tools accelerate the project work.


Headquarters move to a larger, more comfortable office. Video clips complement the portfolio.


Headquarters move to Linden. New rooms create the necessary space for the entire office. The team continues to grow. First steps in programming scripts for Adobe FrameMaker are taken.


The first permanent employees are hired. A partner in the area of illustrations collaborates with the team. Adobe FrameMaker becomes a strategic tool.


Martin Schlicksupp, Thomas Coletta and Ralf Klossek form the "commatec Schlicksupp Coletta Klossek GbR", Consulting Engineers for Technical Documentation. "Single Source Publishing" is the buzzword of the year.


Martin Schlicksupp, Thomas Coletta and Ralf Klossek work as freelancers for a documentation service provider after graduation.

We love technology. Simply.

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