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Consulting and Training

We share our knowledge. And we are happy to do so. Rely on our experience in technical documentation.

  • Training

    Adobe FrameMaker is our standard tool for technical writing. We have been an Adobe Technical Communication Partner since 2017.

    We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

    If you

    • are looking for a competent partner for the introduction of FrameMaker in your editorial department,
    • are looking for a solution to a specific problem,
    • have questions about special functions in Adobe FrameMaker,
    • need online training for Adobe FrameMaker on an hourly basis, gladly also for the entire team,

    then let us know what you need. We will look at your specific requirements and provide you with a flexible and timely offer to meet your needs.

    We also offer workshops for the following programs:

    • Adobe FrameMaker
    • Adobe RoboHelp
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Photoshop
  • Consulting

    You're stuck? In need of advice or an outsider's point of view? Benefit from our accumulated knowledge and save yourself hours of research and problem solving until late in the evening. Profit from commatec's 25 years of experience in technical writing.

    If you

    • want to do more with your current editing tools,
    • would like a refresher on the basics of technical communication and documentation,
    • are looking for an independent opinion on the planned implementation of processes or editorial systems,
    • do not have enough time for conceptual work in your technical documentation department due to your daily workload,

    then contact us. We are available even at short notice for an initial meeting. Tell us about your situation and we will let you know if we can be of help.

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    Call us today and make an appointment for an initial consultation:
    +49 (641) 250 391-14

    You can also send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible:
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  • Software Consulting

    You are looking for suitable programs that will optimise the creation of your technical documentation?


    • support you in choosing the right software or editorial system.
    • install the tools on your system and adjust the settings to fit your needs.
  • Concept Development

    You are planning to completely revamp your existing manual or are completely new to the field? You are missing a suitable concept or are looking for a change?


    • advise you on the creation of templates or fully perform this task for you.
    • develop a suitable DTD (document type definition) for the implementation of structured documents.
    • customise a standard DTD to your requirements.
    • work with you to design an editorial guide and a style guide.
    • support you in the terminology work.
  • Organisation and Process Optimization

    You want to optimise the organisation of your documentation, but you are missing the necessary knowledge and experience? You want to take advantage of automation, standardisation and modularisation, but are unsure how to go about it?


    • design, with you, appropriate workflows.
    • show you how to speed up procedures and simplify recurring processes.
    • develop criteria by which you can structure and modularise content.
    • work with you to develop a method for standardising your documentation.
    • prepare a cost-benefit analysis.
    • show you how to set up a quality management system.
  • Standards, Laws and Guidelines

    You are unsure if your technical documentation meets all legal requirements?


    • advise you on compliance with all laws, standards, guidelines and ordinances relevant to your documentation.
    • advise you on reforms under the New Legislative Framework and the Alignment Package.
  • Translation Management and Terminology

    You want to reduce your translation costs through reusabillity and translation-friendly writing? Inconsistent terms are costing more and more time and money and you would finally like to establish consistent terminology?


    • explain the basic rules for creating translation-oriented source text.
    • show you how to increase the reusability of your texts.
    • support you in setting up a terminology database.
    • optimize the translation workflow.
    • guide you in the use of translation memory systems.
  • Risk Assessment

    You are uncertain as to how to prepare your risk assessment? How hazards are to be classified? How residual risks are described?


    • perform, together with you, risk analysis and risk assessment.
    • support you in structuring, correctly evaluating and comprehensively describing identified risks.
    • check whether your safety instructions conform to relevant standards.
    • explain the design rules set forth by ANSI Z535 and DIN ISO 3864-2.
    • create sample templates in accordance with the requirements set by laws and guidelines.
    • provide you with the specifications for the declaration of conformity and the CE label.
  • Visualization

    You want to use pictures to make your instructions clearer and at the same time reduce the volume of text? You are in need of an illustration concept for your documentation?


    • show you the steps to creating a meaningful picture.
    • support you in the development of an illustration concept.
    • show you how to use colors functionally and consistently.
    • support you in ensuring colour accuracy through colour management.
    • advise you on the creation of interactive and animated images for multimedia instructions.
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