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Instructions for Use

We explain how. So that your customers can make the best possible use of all the advantages your product has to offer, we create target-group-oriented and high-quality operating instructions for you. We write in German and in English.

  • Operating Manuals

    You are developing a new product but don't have a manual yet? You are updating a device and want to revise the manual at the same time?


    • create a concept for your entire technical documentation.
    • advise you on all relevant requirements set forth by standards, directives and laws.
    • work seamlessly with your existing documentation and update it according to your requirements.
    • check your existing manuals for comprehensibility and conformity and revise them as necessary.
    • support your own documentation department in the creation of manuals.
    • Kundengespräch mit Produkt-Präsentation
  • Software Manuals & Online Help

    Software is only as good as its help function. You are developing software, and the manual is no longer up-to-date?


    • show you solutions to ease your customers’ approach to the software and clearly guide them in its use.
    • create context-sensitive help texts, software references and screencasts.
    • create online help, training materials and software references from a single source (single source publishing).
    • structure the content according to the principle of „topic-oriented-writing“.
    • create online help as an app for mobile devices.
  • Schooling & Training Documentation

    You need to train your support staff and customers, but don’t have the time to take care of the training materials?

    • create presentations and training documents on the basis of an existing manual or parallel to a new one.
    • analyse the target groups and prepare the learning objectives.
    • design exercises for workshops and create a solutions section for the trainer.
    • convert training content into engaging e-learning applications for various media.
  • Quick Reference Guides

    You want to make it easier for your customers to get started with a quick guide? You want to use a short manual as advertising material at trade fairs?

    • advise you on various options available for the creative and individualized design of quick reference guides.
    • reduce your instructions down to the most important information, keeping the target group in mind.
    • create your quick guide with little or no text.
  • Minimal Text & Textless Instructions

    You want to convey information mainly with pictures? You want to do away with text completely and save on translation costs?

    • analyse all information in a manual and develop a concept for its conversion into pictures.
    • create all necessary pictures according to your style specifications.
    • create minimal text and textless quick reference guides.
  • Print

    You need your documentation not only electronically, but also on paper?

    • prepare all data for printing.
    • organise the entire printing process - regardless of format and run.
    • ensure colour accuracy in your documents through colour management.
  • Translations

    You need your documentation in many languages? You lack the resources for managing the translation process?

    • organise the entire translation process for you.
    • prepare the files for the translation tools and convert the translated files back to your chosen format.
    • find the right translators.
    • output the translations as print-ready data.
    • deliver translations for all of the world’s languages.


  • Beispiel Bedienungsanleitung

For this short manual we received the Dokupreis (documentation award) from the tekom.
With this award the Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation (Society for Technical Communication) honors the work of technical writers. Our documentation was significantly convincing in terms of structure and practicality.

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Information Portal