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Picture and sound enrich every instruction. What is laborious to describe with text can be explained in just seconds with a video. Interactive elements round off this method of sharing knowledge. An effective training film or a clear tutorial also acts as the perfect advertisement for your product. We create for you:

  • 3D Animations

    You want to add animation to your documentation?

    • convert existing 3D CAD data or create a digital 3D model of your product.
    • create animations that show the function and operation of your product.
  • Instructional Films

    You want to explain with a film how to operate your product?

    • create a concept and a storyboard for your instructional film.
    • film on-site at your facility or in our own studio.
    • take care of post-production and deliver the film in the desired format.
    • Filmemacher mit Video-Kamera
  • Utility Films

    Utility films are special instructional films comprised of individual, short video clips. Each clip shows a single action step. The user navigates through the clips independently and can rewatch them as necessary.

    • create utility films for many functions in a short time.
    • shoot the utility film on-site at your facility or in our own studio.
    • deliver multiple utility films together as an interactive application.
  • Software Tutorials & Screencasts

    You want to present your software with the help of videos?

    • create comprehensible software tutorials for PC software or smartphone apps.
    • generate the spoken text and integrate it.
  • E-learning & Computer-based Training

    You want to train your customers or employees electronically via PC and yet be assured the learning was effective?

    • find the optimal e-learning method for your training content.
    • create complete e-learning courses with videos and interactive elements.
    • supplement the training content with individual progress assessments.

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