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Software tools

We customarily use tools from the Adobe Technical Communication Suite and Adobe Creative Cloud such as Adobe FrameMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

Additionally, we use the following more specialized applications we briefly introduce below.


    SCHEMA ST4 is an XML-based editing system with which you split up your documents into modules such as text, images and videos. By reusing these building blocks, you can create various new documents. 

    SCHEMA ST4 supports your everyday editorial work with a wide range of functions for managing variations, versions and translations and for publishing.

    • Project example in SCHEMA ST4

    You already work with SCHEMA ST4 or are looking for editors who, after an initial training, will create your documents?

    We support you in the decision-making process and during subsequent work with the following services:

    • Consulting during the implementation of SCHEMA ST4
    • Modularization of content
    • Topic-oriented creation of content
    • Development of an information structure for content modules and projects
    • Editorial services with SCHEMA ST4
    • Layout adjustments for SCHEMA ST4
    • Customer-specific adaptation of the output as PDF or online help
  • QuickSilver

    QuickSilver (formerly Interleaf) is a structured DTP program that organises content into element classes called components. This distinguishes it from many other DTP programs that work with paragraphs and style sheets.

    You can assign properties such as formatting and attributes to each component. This allows formatting to be controlled centrally for several chapters and books. Attributes allow you to work with variants and conditional text.

    QuickSilver supports the export to XLIFF and thus the exchange of data with many translation systems.

    • QuickSilver user interface

    We support you with the following services:

    • Creation of your documentation in QuickSilver
    • Creation and revision of your document templates
    • Supervision of the translation process

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