Instruction Videos & Instruction Movies.

Instruction videos and instruction movies complement your technical documentation. Pictorial and memorable.

We will turn your tutorial into a video.

Show us your product. We create a concept with you and design a storyboard for your instructional video. We shoot on location or on our premises, depending on the size of your product. We take care of the post-production and deliver the film in the desired digital format.

We provide these instruction videos for you.

We can provide these two types of video tutorials for you:

  • We create instruction videos for machines and devices. You can publish the videos online on your website and on video portals.
  • We create utility films for maintenance work. This type of instruction movie consists of individual, short video clips. Each clip shows one single action step. The user independently navigates through the clips step by step and can repeat individual steps if necessary.

When do video instructions make sense?

  • Instruction videos show how it’s done. Who wants to read long texts if the same information is available in a short video clip?

  • Instruction videos are understandable even for people who have language limitations or cannot read.

  • Instruction videos can show how to operate and maintain your product.

Narrated or language neutral instruction videos.

Did you know that instructional videos work with and without sound? If desired, we’ll be happy to create the appropriate voiceover for you and have it recorded by a professional narrator. Or you can do without. This would make your how-to videos language-neutral and immediately usable worldwide.

If your product has integrated displays, we are happy to supplement instruction videos with screencasts.

Anleitungsvideos sind einprägsam und unterhaltsam. Wir produzieren Anleitungsvideos, die Ihre Bedienungsanleitung und Technische Dokumentation ergänzen.

Multimedia Technical Documentation.

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