Mobile Documentation.

Mobile documentation means digital technical documentation that is available on mobile devices at any time, even without Internet access.

Mobile Dokumentation ist Technische Dokumentation in digital. Das machen wir für Sie.

Mobile documentation even without Internet.

If your products are used in areas where paper documents don’t survive long (warm, humid, dirty), mobile documentation can be the solution for accessing up-to-date user documents.

In areas without Internet access, your users download the required technical documentation in the desired formats (PDF, video, HTML5) to their mobile device before they are needed. Or they scan QR codes on the device and access the latest information directly online. Intuitive. Without searching for long. Without complicated texts. Always accessible.

When is the use of mobile documentation worthwhile?

  • Do you have use cases where printed instructions do not work for your product?

  • Do you want to give your users access to all your technical documentation from any location?

  • You know that your users have a mobile device, but don‘t always have internet reception?

Ein Beispiel unser erfolgreichen Erstellung einer Mobilen Dokumentation.

Our examples for Mobile Documentation.

  • Monowheel: Interactive guide in your back pocket.
  • Abicor-Binzel: Welding technology on construction sites with low mobile coverage and in closed or shielded areas. See our Mobile Documentation for Abicor-Binzel here.
  • The TechComm app from Squidds, our technology partner, and your cost-effective entry into mobile documentation.

Creating mobile documentation is easier than you think.

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