Quick guides.

We create quick guides that contain only the exact information your users need. Attractively designed and with a reduced amount of text.

Quick guides boil down information to the essence.

Paper piles are a thing of the past. You can often do without extensive printed instructions for use.

In many cases, it is sufficient to provide a digital version for download or instructions on the machine itself. You then only need to include a quick guide with your product.

Ideally, the quick guide is provided without text, which equals no translation costs.

Smart quick guides for your product.

  • We determine for you whether your products meet the normative requirements that are necesssary to save on paper manuals.
  • We analyze the action steps which must be described in a quick guide.
  • We design a custom quick guide in your corporate design.
Handlungsanweisungen können in Bildanleitungen für die Technische Dokumentation umgesetzt werden.
  • We create the necessary illustrations for your quick guide.
  • We check whether your quick guide can do without text completely.
  • We are also happy to conduct a usability test and involve external experts for this purpose.

Quick guides are cost-effective and sustainable.

Use all options to make your technical documentation cost-efficient and sustainable.

We are also happy to give you an insight into our ideas for textless picture instructions.

See examples here.

Keep it short and simple.

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