Technical illustrations from CAD models.

We create 2D and 3D illustrations for your instruction manuals. Stylized or photorealistic in any style you want.

From line drawings to photorealistic renderings.

You use CAD systems in the design and development of your products? Many CAD systems can output their models as simple spatial representations and images for further use in technical documentation.

Sometimes, the internal know-how in the design department is not sufficient to produce high-quality or even photo-realistic technical illustrations that can be used in technical documentation.

We create your technical illustrations.

Our illustrators can create 2D and 3D technical illustrations for your instructions from your CAD models. And if you don’t have your own CAD models, our illustrators will re-construct your product on screen as a 3D model and can create any renderings and perspectives for your instructions.

Advantages of technical illustrations from CAD.

  • Your product does not have to be physically available for us to illustrate it. Your product can therefore also contain features or modifications that deviate from the basic design. We can easily create variants from your CAD data.

  • Your product does not even have to exist as a prototype yet. We can produce all desired qualities of technical illustrations up to photorealistic representations (photorealistic rendering) for you. The technical editors can already access the necessary illustrations during product development.

  • Unlike photos, changes to the product can be subsequently updated in the technical illustrations.

  • Wenn Ihr Produkt komplex ist, können technische Illustrationen das Wesentliche zeigen. Der Abstraktionsgrad lässt sich nach Wunsch wählen: von der If your product is complex, technical illustrations can show the essentials. The degree of abstraction can be chosen as desired: from the simplified representation of a line drawing to a photo-realistic illustration.

  • A 3D model of your product can be rotated and thus displayed in different perspectives. Detailed views can be generated.

  • Functions of your product, that are hidden deep inside your product and would otherwise not be visually representable, can be portrayed.

Technical illustrations. In 2D and 3D.

Our illustration tools support all common exchange formats of 2D and 3D CAD systems and even more.

Your CAD models can do more than you think.

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