Concepts & Process Optimization.

We have been supporting our customers’ technical editorial departments for many years. We have built up editorial departments, optimized processes and established new procedures.

Sie suchen einen Job als Technischer Redakteur, als Technische Redakteurin? Wir suchen Menschen für unser Team.

Your potential for optimization.

  • Does it take a lot of organizational and manual effort to create your technical documentation?
  • Does this tie up a lot of personnel capacity?
  • You suspect that your instructions could be created faster and less expensively?
  • You do not have internal specialists for the optimization of your technical documentation who can critically analyze your processes?

We work as a team with our customers’ technical writers. We take an independent and critical look at your internal processes and advise you on optimization.

The catalog of measures.

In addition to special measures, the following are almost always effective.

  • A clear structure of technical documentation across all affected products.
  • An editorial guide keeping the team and documents together.
  • Clear rules for quality assurance, giving everyone involved security and they will produce consistently good results.
  • Consistently applied Metadata.
  • Translation processes are described, tested and run reliably in the translation memory.
  • Publication processes run as automatically as possible.

What are your pain points in technical documentation?

Describe the problems in your processes to us. We will suggest possible solutions and work with you to develop plans for their effective implementation. Take advantage of our non-binding initial consultation.