Editorial systems.

In the past, word processing and desktop publishing programs were the main tools used by technical editors. Today, an editorial system is often used. At what point is an editorial system worthwhile for technical documentation?


Not every content management system (CMS) is suitable as an editorial system for technical documentation.

Only a component content management system (CCMS) designed specifically for technical documentation covers the special requirements.

Do you need a CCMS?

A CCMS offers many advantages if your products consist of many variables for which you have to deliver precisely tailored operating instructions and instructions for use.

The use of a CCMS changes everything in the editorial process. Usually, more time goes into the process of creating new content, but significantly less effort goes into producing and distributing the documents.

The multitude of systems on the market is hard to keep track of and all providers claim that their system is just right for you.

  • But which CCMS is the right one for your use case?
  • What features does an editorial system actually have to offer for you and your specific situation?
  • Do you have a list of requirements and is it complete?
  • Are your priorities right when it comes to selection?
  • How much does it cost to switch to a CCMS?
  • Is the investment in a CCMS therefore worthwhile for you?

CCMS in practice.

We have worked with various editorial systems over the past years and tested them in practice. We are independent of system manufacturers. We can therefore assess what the different systems can and cannot do in practice. We can help you to identify your requirements and selection criteria precisely.

Do you just need optimized processes and tools?

Sometimes simply reorganizing the data solves the problems in a technical writing department.

Sometimes switching from an office application to an editorial system designed for technical writing helps speed up processes and improve the quality of data.

Sometimes power user training in the preferred editor helps to optimize processes and templates and reduce manual efforts.

Writing content in a structured way, reusing it and managing it easily is also possible without CCMS.

Do not repeat the mistakes of others.

To select the appropriate editorial system, you need sufficient time for the conception phase. Some companies have skipped this phase or have not used it intensively and have subsequently had to introduce the editorial system a second time because the first implementation was not successful. Therefore, invest enough time in the analysis and conception of your requirements.

We are happy to consider your specific situation with you.

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