Smart Information.

Smart Information is the technical documentation of the future. How will it look and function? How will it be made available to the users of your products?

This is what Smart Information is all about.

  • Your users want the right information at the right time at the right place. Smart Information can provide that.

  • Your users don’t want to search through an extensive PDF file using a full-text search and assess all the hits. They only want the information they actually need at the moment. In other words, Smart Information.

  • Your users expect information in a medium appropriate for the purpose. Depending on the situation, as text, image or video.

    Then that’s your cue – Smart Information.

Smart Information is technology that thinks for itself.

For example, when the maintenance interval of a pump expires, the technician needs the information about the upcoming maintenance of this pump. He doesn’t need the table of contents of the maintenance manual for the complete machine or a cryptic error message when the pump has failed. He needs a timely message on his cell phone and a link to just that maintenance job. If necessary, also the tool and spare parts list.

This is how you get to the Smart Information.

What do you need to consider and what processes do you need to go through to get smart information?

  • What benefit should the content bring?
    At this point, it must be clarified whom can be helped in which application situation and how.
  • Which media are used?
    Which media should the user be able to access in the use case? Paper, tablet, video, voice output?
  • What contents are involved?
    Which technical information, contexts or instructions must be given?
  • Which processes are to be developed?
    If the benefit, media and content are clear, the production should be as automated as possible. What is required for this?

The technical documentation of the future.

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