Translation of technical documentation.

Do you need a translation of your technical documentation, operating instruction or instructions for use? We cooperate with translation agencies and pay attention to the translation requirements already during the creation of the technical documentation.

Translation of technical documentation with selected translation agencies.

  • We write operation instructions and instructions for use in German or in English.

  • The instructions are translated into other languages by experts. For this purpose, we cooperate with translation agencies that use industry-specific technical translators, mostly native speakers.

  • We coordinate the entire translation process. You do not have to worry about a thing. We provide the translations of all languages in a short time from one source.

  • This way, you receive consistently high-quality translations at reasonable prices.

Technical translations. This is what makes them good.

Often, when translating technical documentation savings are made in the wrong place.

We maintain full control over the technical quality of the documents during the translation process, so that everything works when producing the output documents in the various output formats.

  • We work only with professional translators.
  • Our translation agency partners work with translation memory systems (TMS). This means that each sentence only needs to be translated once. Repetitions are translated automatically. In case of new versions or similar instructions, only modified texts are translated. This will save you considerable costs.
  • In our editorial systems, we use functions to separate texts that should not be translated from texts that need to be translated.
  • If texts need to be translated into graphics, we set up processes to translate the graphics in the TMS as well.
  • The translation process is already taken into account when designing templates and master copies. Typesetting work after the translation of technical documentation is reduced to a minimum or eliminated altogether.
  • We avoid any additional and unnecessary manual effort, because time is money.

Translation-oriented writing of your technical documentation.

We always take into account the subsequent translation when writing any technical documentation. Cost savings in technical translations already start with translation-oriented writing.

  • Defined terminology.
  • Short and clear sentences.
  • Full sentences.
  • Reuse of consistent wording.
  • Optimal technical implementation of the content in the editorial system.

Do you have questions about the translation of your technical documentation?

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