User support apps.

Tablets and smartphones are universal everyday helpers. They are increasingly important for device user support.

Good reasons for using an app.

  • Your users don’t want printed paper anymore.

  • Your users are eager to experiment and open to new forms of step-by-step instructions.

  • Your users want digital quick guides.

  • For these reasons you are looking for a modern form of user support for your products.

Apps for user support. An example.

You have developed a product that must be assembled from several parts in order to put it into operation.

You have integrated the complete user documentation into the product itself: Your users have access to a digital operating manual during operation via a central display. In addition, in the event of problems users are guided step-by-step via the display.

Digital assembly instructions integrated into the product which are only available when the device is assembled would be pointless. Such products are always accompanied by a note with the most important information for installing the product.

You can do away with the paper note: A QR code attached to your product calls up an app on any mobile device via a browser. No installation necessary.

This is how you meet the expectations of digital natives.

Apps for insight. Understanding faster.

Users often understand the functions or structure of a device most quickly when an animated 3D model shows how things are done. For these purposes, we develop simple and interactive apps.

If you already have 3D CAD models, we can cost-efficiently create interactive animations from them. Less expensively than you might expect.

If you don’t have 3D CAD data, we can reconstruct the models for the animations. Faster than you might expect.

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