This is how we work.

From the first contact to project completion, we support you with our expertise. And we like to work with you as a team. We will give you an insight into how we work.


We see ourselves as your partner in the creation or optimization of your documents and processes in technical documentation.

We attach great importance to a trusting and transparent cooperation and can give you guidance on many questions concerning technical documentation. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience.

Based on the latest laws, standards and guidelines, we help you to create legally compliant technical documentation that reflects the state of the art.

  • Step by step to your operating instructions.

    For those in a hurry, a brief description of a typical project workflow.

Analysis and conceptualization.

Together with you, we analyze and define the target groups that you want to address. In cooperation with you, we define the use cases in which the technical documentation is needed.

We gather all existing and relevant information from your development department for your technical documentation. We develop for you and with you the conceptual basis for structuring the content and making it available in documents of various output formats and output media. We present you with alternatives from which you can choose the best solution.

We create documents in which the elaborated conceptual decisions and ideas are recorded. This is the basis for all subsequent practical work.

Design and standardization.

Based on your corporate design, we build templates for the editing tools and thus map your corporate layout in your technical documentation.

To ensure that text creation and document production run smoothly, we define formats for text, tables and graphics in the templates. Through standardization, we reduce the amount of information and make it easier to access. This reduces the volume of printed works. Ideally, we create brief instructions without text. This keeps translation costs down.

Creation of texts and illustrations.

You can completely outsource the creation of your user manuals and operating instructions to us. Or we can help you absorb your peak workloads.

Our experts create texts, formulas, tables, images, animations, photos, videos. Always in close consultation with you and completely transparent.

Our technical writers and technical illustrators work efficiently according to the ‘single source’ principle.

Quality assurance and project management.

For extensive projects, we support you with professional project management. Thorough planning right from the start creates the basis for a successful project.

Quality is created at the beginning and cannot be checked in at the end. We create project plans, schedules, status reports, activity reports, budget plans and quality assurance checklists for you.

Translation and localization.

Our partners translate into all relevant languages of the world. We coordinate the translations for you and make sure that all production lines and publication channels function smoothly after the translation.

We always make sure that translation memory systems are used for the translations. This avoids unnecessary costs.

Production and publishing.

Regardless of whether you publish documents on paper or purely digitally, production should always be as automated as possible. To achieve this, we develop optimized publication workflows. You determine which documents we deliver to you in which formats.

You not only receive the finished publication formats from us. All source files are yours as well.

Training and coaching.

If you want to implement solutions developed by us in your internal technical editing department, we will train your editors individually on the editing tools, templates and processes.

We are happy to work with variable budgets that you can call up as needed, because the actual need for training often only becomes apparent in the course of an implementation process.

We offer individual training courses on the following topics.

  • Adobe FrameMaker structured
  • Adobe FrameMaker format-based
  • Adobe Photoshop for technical writers
  • Adobe Illustrator basics for technical writers
  • Quanos ST4 editorial system in the introductory phase and practice

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